Splicing and Vulcanizing

Vulcanizing is essentially welding with rubber. It is a great alternative to injection molding for smaller runs of O-rings, up to a few thousand parts. After the material is cut to length (most often cord or tubing), a liquid rubber adhesive is applied to either end and allowed to cure. Then, the joint is fit into a press at temperatures up to 500° F. The combination of heat and pressure weld the two ends together, creating a bond that is as strong, if not stronger, than the parent material. With 30 standard presses, 4 NorMec machines (for sponge rubber), and over 30 years of experience, Phoenix Associates is well-equipped to handle any of your splicing needs. We commonly work with Mil-Spec materials from top extruders and have vulcanized some very unusual profiles. From basic manway and tubeless tire seals to gaskets for shipping explosive ordinance, our repertoire speaks for itself. Check out our materials page for a list of common goods that we work with, or contact us for a custom quote.