Rotary Presses

For high volume runs and maximum efficiency, rotary presses are the perfect solution. These units use a die that has been transferred from a two dimensional drawing onto a die that is a three dimensional wheel. As the die spins, and materials are pulled threw, finished goods are created from the pressure between the rule and a secondary roller. The machines are capable of extremely fine calibration for precision parts. They are also guided by laser "eyes" to ensure consistency and to meet our ISO quality standards. While this is the most efficient method of die cutting offered by Phoenix Associates, it is also has the highest up-front cost for the tool itself. However, the large runs usually undertaken by this machine offer quick ROI. Another advantage of rotary presses is their ability to cut in a variety of configurations. They can through-cut and kiss-cut, as well as produce finished goods loose or on rolls. Contact us for additional information and allow us to help in determining the best solution for your unique project.